Our Specialization

Our law firm specializes in several branches of law. We recognize the fact that individual cases may extend into multiple branches of law and we approach them accordingly. Our area of expertise includes the following:

Commercial Law

  • Preparation of contract documentation of all types, including consultation regarding the most appropriate type of contract;
  • Establishment of business enterprises and cooperatives;
  • Liquidation of business enterprises;
  • Corporate consulting (changes in company structure, legal support during the Annual General Meeting, etc.)

Real Estate Law

  • Legal auditing of acquisition titles, due diligence on real estate purchases;
  • Legal services related to the purchase or selling of real estate (future purchase agreement; purchase contract and escrow agreement);
  • Lease and sublease agreements.


  • Contract for work performed, customized for each individual phase of the construction process. Applicable for the contractor as well as the client;
  • Legal requirements pertaining to construction supervision and preparation of construction documentation;
  • Related service contracts.

Labor Law

  • Consultancy on operational issues and their compliance with the labor code;
  • Drafting of employment contracts and agreements concluded outside of the employment relationship;
  • Representation in proceedings for termination of employment.

Insolvency Law

  • More information here

Debt Recovery

  • Representation of creditors during court or extrajudicial proceedings regarding debt recovery;
  • Filing of claims in the case of enforcement and insolvency proceedings.